Believe it or not, you are immortal!

Dante's Inferno
Dante's Inferno

You were created by God to live forever.  Your immortality is really not the right question.  Rather, where you will spend eternity is the better question.  Do you know where you will go after you die? 


Will You Then Consider Just One Question? 


What profit is there if you gain everything this world has to offer but lose your very own soul?  Jesus asked this question some 2,000 years ago and it seems that most everyone is still struggling with the answer.  This is perhaps the most important question any of us must answer.  Thank you for taking a moment to consider what is most important.


I Don’t Want To Waste Your Time so I am telling you up front; the answer is not religion.  Only Christ can give you what you need.  Here are five things that you need to know:


  • 1ST   God is absolutely sovereign and perfectly holy; He will not allow anything imperfect into His presence.


  • 2ND   Every individual, regardless of race, nationality, social or cultural background, is imperfect before God.  Because you have not believed or trusted God, you have violated His Law; this is called “sin.”  You have offended God with your sin and the penalty for this is death.  There is proof that this is true; all people die, including you.


  • 3RD   As a sinner, you cannot do anything to save yourself or make yourself right with God.  God simply will not accept your efforts to gain His favor.  Because you have offended God, only He can decide what He will accept as the remedy.  This is called being “lost.


  • 4TH   God has decided that Jesus Christ is your ONLY Savior; regardless of how good or bad you think you are.  What Jesus does is take the death sentence you deserve for offending God and give you the perfection you need to be in God’s presence.  This is called “justification.


  • 5TH   The choice is yours.  God commands you to abandon the desires that offend Him, turn in faith to Jesus Christ trusting Him to save you by making you right with God.  Because God is perfect and true, His promise that He will save you can be a reality; but you must repent and trust in Christ as your Savior and Lord.  God will forgive you for offending Him and adopt you as His child.  This means you will live forever in God’s presence after you die.  This is called “salvation.”